Thursday, August 26, 2010

New OLSO Gospel Presentation - Jeff Marburger

Hey Guys,
     Just got this from my brother this week. Comin' at us from the South! haha=) Right on, bro!

Youth Leaders, I hope you're encouraged by this example as you put together your testimonies and presentations of the Gospel (Check out the last blog for more details of what we want you to do). Try to get your presentation uploaded to youtube and sent to me soon=) We want to hear what God's done in your life, and we want to see what God's called you to share. We want lots of different presentation styles, but one message communicated---that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). Use your story for God's Glory.

Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged when we look around at society and see so many people "worshiping" friends, money, fame, their jobs, sex, security, leisure time, their egos, etc., rather than seeking to live their lives based on the Bible. But recently I was reminded of 1 King 19:18, when God speaks to the prophet Elijah, who felt like he was all alone serving God. God told Elijah: "Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal." God is a faithful God, and He loves us even when we do not demonstrate our love for Him. So we need to remember God's consistency, and we need to remember that we're not alone as we represent Him. Other people are Repping the King even when you feel like you're the only one. So keep the faith, and encourage others around you as well! (Hebrews 10:23-24 Style). Maybe you can share this or one of the other videos on our website with someone today!

Grace and Peace,

Monday, August 16, 2010

Francis Chan Gospel Presentation

What's up guys?
     As many of you know, I've been asking leaders all around Maui and Hawaii to put together a Gospel Presentation and Testimony for I also asked Francis Chan to create one for us to use or to give us a link for one that he has already created and put online. This morning, I just heard back from his secretary that he suggested this video for our site. If you haven't seen it, take a few minutes and watch this. It asks some important questions, and I really like his presentation.

Playing this video for a friend or family member could be a great way for you to share the Gospel and get people thinking about Jesus.

     Different presentations are great because people who receive our OLSO tracts and log into the website will see the Gospel Presented in unique ways and hear Testimonies of what God's been doing. Plus, there are lots of kids and adults who visit this site because of facebook, myspace, and youtube.
- Lately, I've been hearing encouraging stories of ways that God is using this ministry!

We are praying that: 
Different people, with different styles, in different places, will present the same message that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6).

I hope that you are encouraged to be a light and represent Jesus however he calls you to--UNASHAMED--Romans 1:16 style!

     Hopefully, more Gospel Presentations and Testimonies will be coming soon. Below is what I've been asking different leaders in Hawaii to put together.  

Leaders: E-mail this to me or send me the Youtube link:

1.) Will you please record a "Gospel Presentation"?
- Use what you think is the best way as long as it's based on the Word of God. We have some up now, but I want to get as diverse a group as possible with different methods and the same message.
- I'm thinkin about 5-7 minutes, but do it however you want as long as it's less than ten.
- When people go to the website ( and click "Find Out Here" it'll go straight to Gospel Presentations.

2.) Will you record your “Testimony”?
- For your Testimony, please say:
1.) What was your life like before you met Jesus?
2.) How did Jesus come into your life?
3.) What difference has Jesus made in your life?
             Please make sure it is less than ten minutes.

These will be uploaded to as long as they are approved by the “Bereans” at OLSO who make sure everything lines up with Scripture (Acts 17:11).

Thanks for your “work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our LORD Jesus Christ” (1 Thess 1:3). Please keep praying for and working for Revival in Hawaii.
One Love (1 John 4:9).

Blog readers: Keep praying and working for revival on Maui. Rep the King (2 Cor 5:20).

Grace and Peace,

Monday, August 2, 2010

Truth vs. Rubbish

What's up everyone?
     I'm passionate to see used to communicate the truth of Jesus with the world.

     I've been bummed to see people living for worthlessness lately. Basically, tons of people are building their lives on the sand of this world rather than on the rock of Jesus Christ. (It's a daily struggle for me as well). Today, as I read Zephaniah, I was challenged by how awesome our God is. When we don't represent God with our words and actions, we're not wise. I tweeted this earlier today: AWESOME God meets self-proclaimed "awesome" people, and THEY FALL IN AWE of HIM (Zeph 2:10-11).

      Especially with this broken foot still restraining my movement, it was pretty therapeutic to vent a little bit in my journal and pour my heart out to God this morning. This plea to God ended up in my notebook. Hopefully, you can be encouraged by this. I went ahead and uploaded it to Youtube. I'm trying to lead the way as I encourage other leaders to represent Jesus with Youtube Testimonies and Gospel Presentations. Here you go:

Truth vs. Rubbish

Oh God, Wickedness and emptiness
Engulfing those in ignorant bliss
God, Your justice can’t tolerate this;
God, show ‘em their foundation is rubbish
Mere fire insurance doesn’t exist.
Let us count the cost, take up our cross and persist.
One truly reborn can’t justify porn or any lifestyle of perpetual wickedness

But life to the full exists only in You,
Passion-superseding worldly gain-You’ve called us to pursue.

God, touch my lips, make me brand-new,
My life is surrendered, this joy in my pain is true.
I’m worthless without You,
John 15:5-6-merely dead sticks-useless
Useless, aimless, worthless, lifeless apart from You.

But I am in You, the Divine Vine-I’m Yours; You’re mine.
For my sin; you’ve traded HIM-Jesus: Savior, redeemer, KING, & friend.

O God, either kill me, or let me endure to the end,
Passionately, earnestly, pursuing Your humility,
Serving You Faithfully and leading courageously.

I wanna be-shoulder to shoulder with soldiers for Your Kingdom,
Reppin You, King Jesus, a slave to Your freedom.
In You AND this world; of YOU, Not this world.
Livin’ solely for Your Glory proclaiming Your Kingdom.

Proclaiming ONE LOVE - the love of a perfect judge.
A righteous, Holy God, whose justice won’t budge
But who made a way to redeem the obscene by crushing Jesus Christ on Calvary’s tree
*That because of grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone-
God’s justice is satisfied by Jesus’ perfect life
That we can die to sin and LIVE IN Christ.

By Your grace and mercy let Your people stand boldly,
Living for eternity-never temporary insanity,
Drunk in YOU Jesus, reppin’ You Jesus,
Faithful and TRUE, JESUS-

You’ve made us new, now please help us to live wholly for You-For TRUTH.

      I hope that encourages you guys. It's the cry of my heart. Let's seek to live for truth. Follow up if you want to know more about Jesus. Check out some of the Gospel Presentations under the Resources section of this website.

Leaders: please make a Gospel Presentation and record your Testimony for You can put in on Youtube yourself and send me the link or just send me the file. Thanks.

Continuing to pray that God brings Revival on Maui and in all of Hawaii (Join me in that prayer please).

One Love (1 John 4:9),
Josh Marburger