Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Love Skate Interviews in Shelby

If someone asked you who Jesus is, what would your life answer? What about your lips? 

While in Shelby, NC visiting family, my friend from High School, Debo, and I interviewed people at the Cleveland Mall with the 5 One Love Skate Questions. These questions included: "Who Is Jesus Christ?"

Here's a video from Monday with the results.

Please pray that the seeds that were sown will result in much fruit that remains for God's Glory. Also, share this video on your twitter, facebook, myspace, e-mail, etc as the Lord leads you so that more people will be challenged with this message.

Grace & Peace,

p.s. Online documents of the One Love Tracts we passed out are available here ( for you to print out and distribute if God leads you.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seed-sowing Body life.

What's up One Love Skate Outreach family?
     Nicole, Caleb, and I are having a great time of rejuvenation in North Carolina with family. It's amazing to see our son Caleb grow as we regularly feed him. I'm continually reminded that we're all "feeding" and sowing seeds of different habits in our lives, and what we regularly do definitely grows in our lives. Whether it's studying God's Word, discipling others, serving in our church, or even being lazy and undisciplined... What habits are you feeding in your life?

As Christ-followers, as we walk by the Spirit, abiding in Jesus Christ our root, our lives bear fruit that leads to life (Gal 5:16; John 15:5-6; James 1:17-18).

It's fun to see a lot of seeds sown through One Love Skate lately...

Those of you who are fervent, effective prayers, here are some "seed" requests...

*Pray for Discretion, Discipline, and then Diligence as God gives new vision for One Love Skate.

* Pray One Love Skate will be reproducing not just reproducible.
      - We're working on a new tract, and praying that God will lead others to share the Gospel using our resources. We're hoping that it continually reproduces and that others make One Love Skate videos, give out tracts, display stickers, t-shirts, and facebook posts, and that it'll be an awesome movement of God. Ephesians 3:20 stylee.      God, please transform the world as we all learn, see, and live more in light of the FACT that You are the source of the One True Love. Show us as your people that we need to love sacrificially because You have loved us.

* Pray for One Love Skate as we visit Southeastern Seminary next weekend and hit some skateparks in that area --hopefully making new  One Love Skate videos and improving the website soon too.

* Pray for February 29, 2012 as I get ready to speak to about 80 kids at the Warehouse about One Love.

Thanks for the prayers. It's exciting to be around people who are catalytic and encouraging here in NC and from all around the world. In the week we've been here so far, being at and around people from Putnam Baptist Church and Element Church has been super encouraging. The body of Christ is awesome--the way God works through each of our differences as we work together is awesome. I'm praisin' God for His church, and that it's all about Him and not about us (Psalm 115).

Also... Here's a good song:
Are you sowing Gospel seeds that lead to life? Do you have Beautiful feet? (Isaiah 52:7; Romans 10:15). Thanks for praying and participating in One Love Skate.

Grace and Peace,