Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sam P Taking the vote for Best Trick on the Roll-In
One Love Skate on 12.4.12 was a good time.
Here's a link to a bunch of the pictures from the day: One Love Skate: 12.4.12
The bleachers were conducive to loud
music and good conversations
Free Ice Pops and One Love Tracts
Sam Peralta graced us with his presence and was a huge help my MCing and talking to us all about how important it is to do hard things and also to have a relationship with God.

Special thanks to the leadership team of students who made the day so good.

Thank you everyone who posted on your Facebook about One Love Skate! This was a cool way to promote the day and also to get people connected to

We had students who helped with set-up, who kept track of the tricks landed, and who took pictures of the day.

Also, we had two students who made sure to pass out One Love Cards to everyone who was a part of the day.
- That ended up being about:
            -  30 "Isaiah Road Tracts"
             - 30 Original"One Love Tracts"

I love seeing our tracts getting read, and we definitely had several spiritual conversations with follow-up opportunities through these cards.

The best trick competition was on the roll-in, and Michael won the One Love Skate Deck with a Backside Bigspin.

After everyone voted and after the devotional, we did a drawing for a One Skate T-shirt. Braden ended up getting the One Love Skate t-shirt.

Here's a short random youtube video of a few seconds of the competition

The next Best Trick competition will be January 8, 2013. Spreading the news via Facebook and other social media is a huge help! Keep getting the word out about, and most importantly live out the love of Jesus!
One Love (1 John 4:9),
p.s. It's been fun to see some ramps get built Upcountry. Here's Noah dropping in for the first time! che-YEAH!