Thursday, June 20, 2013

One Love Skate on the mainland

Yesterday, we arrived in Ashland, Oregon for a wedding and to begin our 10 Skatepark Trek.

We picked up our new One Love Skate boards from Crucified Ministries.
After talking with local leaders , we decided to do skate events at Medford and Asheville skateparks.

Please keep praying for a trail of discipleship groups.

One Love (1 John 4:9),

Saturday, June 15, 2013

One Love Skate @Vertical

It was fun to see Francis Chan last night at Vertical
and tell him how 
One Love Skate is using his book Multiply!
Be praying for our mainland trip:
10 One Love Skate events 
at 10 skateparks 
giving away One Love decks at each event!
Congrats Scout winning the One Love Skate Deck!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Love Skate Vertical Street Team

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This Friday at Vertical, One Love Skate is giving away a couple hundred dollars worth of prizes!

If you'd like to be on our Street Team, and help us get the word out about this event, send me an e-mail:

Feel free to print out, cut out, and post up these printable flyers for the event!

Let's get a huge crew of people to Vertical this Friday at 5p.m.!

Hope everyone will feel the One Love this Friday (1 John 4:9),

Copy and Paste to Share on Social Media:
One Love contest starts at 5p.m. at Vertical to win prizes and raffle a longboard. Visit for more info! #TellPeople

Join the One Love Skate Street Team to help get a bunch of people at the skate contest this Fri at 5p.m. at Vertical!

Print out, cut out, & post up these printable flyers for One Love Skate this Friday at 5p.m. at Vertical! #TellPeople

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Game of Skate 6.11.13

Congrats Daniel winning the game of skate today!

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Keep reading Multiply (

This week, we'll be at Hope Chapel Kihei for VERTICAL doing a One Love Skate Competition at 5:00p.m.
See you at Vertical!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Best trick at Keo this Tuesday at 3:30p.m.

One Love Skate will be at Keo this Tuesday at 3:30p.m. Should be a fun time, and we'll have some free stuff with us too. See you there!